BA Design, Fashion Design & Technology Management, 7 semesters


Program Description

A specialization addressed to future designers, clothing/textile technologists, as well as future product managers who are interested in designing combined with product management - from the idea, through the sketch with full technical documentation, to its production. During the education process, students learn the principles of design processes and implement them independently with simultaneous receiving technological, managerial and marketing skills in innovation, awareness of fashion trends, technology, product and design trends. Students operate with IT technologies and professional CAD support programs during their studies.

Fashion Communication & Brand Design specialization emphasizes aesthetic aspects, design, and fashion, but also highlight technological process: awareness of industrial technologies, material engineering, organization of manufacturing processes in the industry, design and production documentation, product quality and its control, marketing of products and economic efficiency.

The studies are taught in Polish on a full-time and part-time basis.



Classes provided by VIAMODA are delivered by professional academic personnel, who are focused on helping students developing creativity, individuality and imagination of a fashion designer, understanding the borderline of art, technology, and business.


We emphasize understanding the close relationship between design, technology, and functionality of the product. Provide each student with knowledge on the latest fashion innovations and changes in: new production conditions, design options (3D technologies: from scanner to product), modern materials (textile engineering, bionics, textronics, nanotechnology), unconventional product structures (interactive clothing, smart clothing, wearable electronics).

Management (business)

We help students to develop the entrepreneurial thinking, understanding the context of industry and market structure works, market segmentation, career planning skills, changes and market development and economic mechanisms, knowledge of fashion marketing and innovative methods of communication and sales (e-marketing, mass customization, etc.).

Career path after completing this specialty:

  • Coordinator and Product Manager
  • MerchandiserCollection Manager
  • Collection Development Specialist
  • Materials and Fabrics Development Specialist
  • Technology and Construction Specialist
  • Independent entrepreneur


  • online personal data questionnaire and an application for admission,
  • the original of the certificate which entitles the candidate to apply for admission to a higher education institution together with a translation, legalization in the country where it was issued or in the embassy, nostrification when needed,
  • a certified photocopy of the passport and a valid visa or residence permit,
  • a certified sufficient level of proficiency in the Polish language,
  • 2 photographs, sized 35x45mm, bare-headed, against a light background (signed),
  • 1 colored photograph n an electronic form ( 236x295 pix, 300 dpi, JPG)
  • a medical certificate,
  • a photocopy of valid insurance,
  • self-presentation (pdf format, not exceeding 50MB), which describes your interests and inspirations with the emphasis on art, culture, communications or/and fashion, and will be very helpful with assessing candidate’s predisposition and motivation,
  • proof of the admission fee paid directly to the VIAMODA University bank account.
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VIAMODA University in Warsaw is the modern school of design and management with the international vibe

VIAMODA University in Warsaw is the modern school of design and management with the international vibe Read less