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Best Undergraduate Studies in Casablanca in Morocco 2019

The BBA, which is an acronym for Bachelor of Business Administration, is an academic degree granted to those who effectively complete about three or four years of rigorous coursework in a business or commerce-related discipline.

A Master is a degree that demonstrates students have completed advanced studies in their field of training. This program is available for students with an undergraduate degree, and it often takes one to two years to complete.

Morocco; officially the Kingdom of Morocco. is the most westerly of the North African countries. It has Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, and a rugged mountain interior. The major resources of the Moroccan economy are agriculture, phosphates, tourism and textiles.

All those who are interested in studying economics and commerce should go to Casablanca. The institutions in this place such Université Internationale de Casablanca (UIC) are known for their high quality education.

Bachelors of Business Administration in Casablanca in Morocco

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ESSEC Business School

ESSEC Global BBA: acquire knowledge in all the fundamentals of management such as marketing, finance, economics, law, and productive behaviour. Open up your international ... [+]

Years 1 and 2 You can choose whether to start the program at our ESSEC France campus, the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus (Singapore), or the ESSEC Africa-Atlantic campus (Morocco).


Courses are taught entirely in English on the Asia-Pacific campus, in French on the Atlantic-Africa campus, and in English or in French on the France campus. They cover the same subject matter with a strong focus on the geographical environment.

Acquire knowledge in all the fundamentals of management such as marketing, finance, economics, law, productive behaviour etc.; Open up your international horizons with courses on geopolitics, international trade, etc.; Become truly multilingual by learning 3 languages: French and English are compulsory foreign languages for non-native speakers. ... [-]
Morocco Casablanca
August 2019
4 years
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