Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Hilo in USA

Top Bachelors of Business Administration (BBAs) in Hilo in USA 2019


The BBA, which is an acronym for Bachelor of Business Administration, is an academic degree granted to those who effectively complete about three or four years of rigorous coursework in a business or commerce-related discipline.

Hilo, Hawaii is regarded as the largest settlement in the state with a population of about 44,000 residents. It has a variety of public and private institutions within its borders offering different programs.

Bachelor of Business Administration Programs in Hilo in USA

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BBA in Accounting

University of Hawaii, Hilo
Campus Full time 4 years August 2019 USA Hilo

The BBA in Accounting requires the successful completion of all core requirements for the BBA degree. Eighteen semester hours in Accounting must be earned in courses at the 300- or 400-level, in place of the 18 semester hours in business electives at the 300- or 400-level required as part of the BBA in General Business degree. [+]

BBA in Accounting General Education Pre-Business Requirements

G1. Composition

ENG 100 Composition I (3), ENG 100T Composition with Tutorial (3), ESL 100 Composition/Non-native Speakers (3), or ESL 100T Composition/Non-nativeTutorial (3), with a "C" or better

G3. Quantitative Reasoning

One MATH course numbered 125 or higher, with "C" or better QBA 260 Business Statistics (3), with "C" or better

G6. Social Sciences

One class from ANTH, PSY, or SOC with "C" or better

Note: All remaining General Education Requirements must also be met.

Pre Business Core Requirements

Each Pre-Business core course must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

ACC 201 Intro to Financial Accounting (3) ACC 202 Intro to Managerial Accounting (3) BUS 240 Business Law (3) BUS 290 Critical Thinking (3) COM 251 Public Speaking (3) ECON 130 Intro To Microeconomics (3) ECON 131 Intro To Macroeconomics (3) Either: ECON 300 Inter Macroecon Theory (3) ECON 340 Money & Banking (3) ENG 209 Writing for Business (3) or ENG 287 Introduction to Rhetoric (3) Professional Business Core Requirements ... [-]