Bachelor of Business Administration in Green Bay in USA

Top Bachelor of Business Administration Degrees in Green Bay in USA 2019


A BBA, or Bachelor of Business Administration, is an academic designation bestowed upon students who successfully complete about four years of full-time coursework in a business and commerce-related program. BBAs are known to enhance career opportunities.

Green Bay is a city in Wisconsin well-known as the home town of the Green Bay Packers, an NFL team. Green Bay is known as one the most vibrant, concentrated and supportive NFL football towns in the United States.

BBA Degrees in Green Bay in USA

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Bachelor in Business Administration

University Of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Campus Full time Part time 4 years September 2019 USA Green Bay + 1 more

Both the Business Administration major and minor are interdisciplinary. "Interdisciplinary" means that while Business Administration students study a particular subject (e.g. finance, general business, human resource management, management, marketing), they also examine how it relates to other subjects and draw information from various disciplines to solve business problems. [+]

Developing you as an engaged learner so you become a professional leader is what we do. The Cofrin School of Business is focused on preparing you for professional success through coursework, internships, and professional development events. Earning your degree will prepare you for competitive, respected careers and which path you choose is up to you!

The Austin E. Cofrin School of Business offers degrees focused on helping individuals become engaged learners and professional leaders within the greater Northeast Wisconsin area and beyond. We seek individuals who are searching for engaging educational opportunities, professional success, and innovative business solutions.

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