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Program Description


The Economics programme has two central activities, first to train students at the undergraduate level in the methods and ideas of modern economics. Second is to conduct both basic and applied research in economics that pushes forward the frontier of knowledge in the field.

Distinctive features of the programme

The Economics programme at the BUE is distinctive across a number of areas: It is one of the very few programmes in Economics available in Egypt which is fully consistent with the requirements of a Bachelor of Science (as opposed to Arts) degree. The emphasis is highly focused on analytical approaches to economic problems involving the application of mathematics, statistics, econometrics and econometric modelling.

The programme is also distinctive in its thematic approach to the Economics discipline across five themes consistently presented from the beginning - Preparatory Level to final Honours level. These are: Microeconomics; Macroeconomics; Quantitative Analysis; Financial Economics and Area Studies. Each thematic area is supported by a specified Subject Leader who is responsible for ensuring consistency across all modules within a theme and ensuring that Module Leaders liaise with his/her Subject Leader in all aspects relating to Module specification, delivery, proposed specification changes and pedagogical matters.

The programme also offers students a full Module in Research Methods as preparation for undertaking their Honours Dissertation, if their proposal is approved. Depending on option modules selected and choice of research topic for the Honours Dissertation students are able to focus on one of the five thematic areas of the programme. This enhances their employability skills if they intend to pursue further postgraduate studies and work in an academic or research career or both.


Alternatively, students can follow another stream by choosing to do a Graduation Project instead of the Honours Dissertation in Level 6. The Graduation Project allows students who wish to have a more practical experience for work, to get all the skills they need to work in the field of feasibility study, banks credit and project appraisal or even establishing their own projects. Thus the programme offers a unique set of modules and areas of specialism that allow the student to develop the necessary skills to enable them to maximise their employability in their preferred career path within the graduate labour market in both Egypt and overseas.

Programme aims

  • To provide well-qualified students with high quality and challenging educational experience in terms of intellectual and personal development within the context of academic studies related to economics.
  • To develop in students the ability to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained to the solution of theoretical and applied problems in economics.
  • To develop in students deep knowledge and understanding, a range of cognitive and practical skills in economics and a range of generic transferable skills that will be of value in employment and self-employment.
  • To supply students with the knowledge and skill base, from which they can proceed to further studies in economics, related areas or in multi-disciplinary areas that involve economics.

The above aims are met by embedding them within the programme and module Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) to be achieved.

Last updated Feb 2019

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