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Top Bachelor of Science Degrees in Energy Engineering in Leoben Austria

A BSc (Bachelor of Science) is an academic degree that combines general coursework with specialized classes that prepare students with the knowledge and skills to begin a career. A degree can be earned in a variety of subjects and takes an average of four years to complete.


Energy engineering is an academic program that teaches students the basics of natural resource extraction, power service regulation and facility management. Studying energy engineering may lead to careers in renewable energy, such as hydroelectric plants or wind farms, or in natural resources.

Austria will expose students to a variety of this country's "outstanding" culture. Austria is an excellent study abroad choice for students with an interest in the German language.

Leoben town has been existent for hundreds of years. It's home to University of Leoben which is the country’s institute for learning about metallurgy, mining and other gemstones related subjects.

Best Bachelor of Science Degree in Energy Engineering in Leoben in Austria

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Montanuniversitaet Leoben

A comprehensive range of education facilitates various fields of activities for graduates. They can work as engineers on oil rigs. ... [+]

BSc in Petroleum Engineering

A comprehensive range of education facilitates various fields of activities for graduates. They can work as engineers on oil rigs and also in development or application in a computer simulation.

To cover the future demand for petroleum and natural gas there are efforts worldwide to tap new reservoirs and to improve the utilization of already existing reservoirs, for example by improved reservoir management. The complexity of the problems that have to be solved requires that the professionals not only possess technical universality but also sound background knowledge in economics and information technology as well as management skills. The education for petroleum engineers is designed to meet this qualification profile. Petroleum industry acts globally and demands that employees can work in an international environment. This fact is taken into account, for example, English is the language of instruction in all petroleum engineering courses and credits can be transferred for a semester abroad at a partner university.... [-]

Austria Leoben
October 2019
7 semesters
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