Studying psychology at Universidad Europea in Madrid means learning about your profession in a unique, interdisciplinary and fully personalized way. Because you will combine technical knowledge and practical know-how, and round it out with professional competency, you will be well-prepared to become a psychology professional that can help people.

  • In the Bachelor's Degree in Psychology* from Universidad Europea, you receive a highly practical education based on case studies and simulated practice with actors. These practice sessions take place in simulation rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Thanks to our pioneering methodology, you will share activities with students from other healthcare disciplines, learning how to work in multidisciplinary teams, just as you will in the professional world. You will also develop your capabilities with over 600 hours of clinical practice with patients at external institutions.
  • In the third year, you will carry out clinical internships at external centers, which therefore are conducted in Spanish. Students must reach and provide proof of B2 level proficiency before being allowed to enroll in these internships.
  • With the help of a faculty of renowned psychologists, you will develop to your full potential and specialize in the field of applied psychology that most appeals to you: Health Psychology, or Legal and Forensic Psychology.
  • To specialize in Health Psychology you must also complete the Master's Degree in General Health Psychology, a post-graduate degree that will allow you to practice as a Health Psychologist in Europe. If you like, you may also take this Master's degree in Spanish at Universidad Europea in Madrid.

*Theoretical program 100% English. Minimum English proficiency level required for admission to the degree program: B2.

Mandatory minimum Spanish proficiency level for clinical internships (starting in 3rd year): B2.

Why Psychology at EUM?

  • Because you will obtain an Official Bachelor's Degree compliant with the European Higher Education Area
  • Because of the practical education, you will receive, based on real-cases simulations.
  • Because of its interdisciplinary work-based methodology, the first of its kind in Spain.
  • Because of the quality of its faculty, many of whom are active renowned psychologists.
  • Because you will have over 600 hours of clinical practice at external institutions

Academic Quality

You will complete part of your education working in interdisciplinary teams, sharing activities with students from other health sciences departments. This is a work methodology that is the first of its kind in Spain, allowing you to learn to interact with other professionals, just as you will do in the professional world.

From the second year on, simulated practice sessions with actors will enable you to put into practice everything you learn in class. This way of working sets us apart from other universities and allows you to become familiar with the professional environment. Simulation is also used as a successful evaluation tool. Thanks to objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), simulated clinical case scenarios allow the professor to assess your skills in different clinical situations.

Most of your professors combine teaching with their professional activity in different fields of psychology. Their experience enables them to expose you to the reality of the profession from day one, developing your competencies and abilities and providing real-life experience.

Living on a campus with students from other countries allows you to learn about their culture and their approach to psychology. And, you have the option of completing part of your education at renowned universities in more than 80 countries, thanks to our Erasmus, Garcilaso, and International Laureate Network agreements.

Starting in the third year, carry out more than 600 hours of clinical practice at external sites thanks to collaboration agreements in place with leading psychology centers and institutions, you will have access to internships at organizations such as Grupo 5, Psychologists Without Borders, The Professional Psychoanalysis Association of Madrid, The Bertrand Russell Psychology Center, CINTECO, The Behavior Research and Therapy Center, The Madrid Parkinson's Association, The AMMA Group, The Luria Group, The Psychology Orientation Institute, Nexo Applied Psychology, Princesa 81 Psychologists, The PSISE Clinical Development Psychology Service, and The SINEW Multilingual Therapy Institute, among others.


You can choose the field of psychology that most interests you and begin specializing in it during your undergraduate degree. You will become an expert in health psychology or legal and forensic psychology.

To specialize in Health Psychology you must also complete the Master's Degree in General Health Psychology, a post-graduate degree that will allow you to practice as a Health Psychologist in Europe. If you like, you may also take this Master's degree in Spanish at Universidad Europea in Madrid.


The admissions process to study a Bachelor's Degree at the Universidad Europea is via a few simple steps, which basically consist of submitting certain documentation, taking an entry exam and conclude with the formalization of enrollment.

Financial Aid

At the Universidad Europea de Madrid we have a full system of financial aid available to you to help you pay for your education. Some examples are:

  • Flexibility in payments
  • Monthly installments
  • Help for prompt payment
  • Aid for continuing studies
  • Aid for simultaneous studies
  • Aid for having a family member at the Universidad Europea


The Universidad Europea has signed several agreements with banks to help you pay for your studies.

Grants and Scholarships

  • Grants and scholarships from the European Career College of Madrid
  • Official grants and scholarships from the Ministry of Education Talented, Outstanding People Program (TOP Program),
Program taught in:
  • English

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