Bachelor in architecture and urbanism


Program Description

Traits of a project arise dreams materialize brick by brick. The Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism, formed by Facipe acquires skills to design and monitor the implementation of buildings, architectural ensembles and monuments, landscape architecture and interior, and perform physical planning, local, urban and regional.

Organize spaces, considering the aesthetics, comfort and functionality will be your daily challenge. Get to work! Projects, constructions and renovations await you.

Job market

The labor market for the architect is broad and promising, considering factors relevant as housing needs, residential buildings, conservation, restoration, incorporations, paisagismos and ambiance.

The real estate industry in Brazil hardly undergoes lasting crises. Even in periods of economic downturn, when there are a small number of buildings, there are always possibilities of professional performance.

Today the architecture professional has a wider range of activities in the market, which often is not restricted only to the part of construction, but also project management, direct works and projects and design.

There are many architects following political career, working in NGOs, developing research in social housing and providing general services to communities. Also, they are emerging more specific jobs for architects in public tenders, which may also be a possibility of career.

Occupation area

Design, build or renovate homes, buildings and buildings are just some of the activities you will perform. The area of ​​buildings is the best known, but the playing field for professional Architecture and Urbanism is much broader.

Professional training of FACIPE also enables the performance in several areas, from the preservation of historical heritage to the development of products such as furniture and fixtures.

Planning the acoustic conditions, temperature and ventilation of rooms; elaborate lighting projects of large spaces; plan cities, including its streets, parks, squares and gardens; organize internal spaces of ships, motor home, TV studios and film; exercise consultancy activities, advice and management works are some examples. You can also follow the academic career, ever thought about being a researcher or teacher? The area is vast and the choice is yours!



To train professionals in the field of architecture and urbanism, aware of social responsibility and commitment to regional development through entrepreneurship, creativity, practice, criticism, reflection and transformation in line with the reality in which it operates.


a) To enable the professional to work in the design, organization and construction of indoor and outdoor space, including town planning, building and landscaping; b) To train professionals with critical awareness and conceptual strength to play a key social role in favor of the populations unreached by knowing own architect and urban planner. c) work and research involving knowledge about the production of public housing and other topics of interest. d) Develop research and extension activities that expand the field of knowledge and expand construction techniques and other local and regional knowledge; e) Use technology to meet the social, cultural, aesthetic, and economic community. f) To encourage the acquisition of universal knowledge and expertise in the field of architecture and urbanism; g) Develop awareness of ecological responsibility, sustainable development and promoting conservation of architectural, urban and landscape heritage; h) To encourage creativity, self-management and flexibility, making the students able to fit the labor market vagaries, preserving the ethical and legal principles. i) have a debate and action in relation to the architectural and urban space built in the state of Alagoas developing in students the ability to technically intervene in the construction of these spaces. j) Implement and organize activities related to architecture and urban planning in order to develop a critical mass in society to meet the many challenges of the State of Pernambuco; k) Addressing the lack of professionals in unusual areas of expertise but of competence of the architect and urban planner, such as infrastructure, construction, topography, traffic and environment.

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