Bachelor in computer technology


Program Description


  • I trained as a programmer or analyst programmer to work in development teams or maintenance of software products (design, programming, testing, system documentation, networking support).
  • Acquire a general basic training allowing me to fill jobs in various sectors or to go to university to specialize.
  • Master advanced technology to adapt to different working environments and facilitate my adaptation to future technological changes.

I will learn to:

  • Create and use databases.
  • Correct programs
  • Analyze the characteristics of business information systems for the formulation of IT solutions.
  • Harnessing the potential of a networked computing environment.
  • Implement and make functional improvements to an application.
  • Use multimedia processing tools.
  • Provide technical support and training to users.


  • High school diploma (DES)
  • Technical and Scientific Mathematics and Natural Sciences Secondary 5


Mathematics 526

Program Objectives

Training in Computer Science at Cégep de Sept-Îles prepares to technical maintenance jobs, network management and systems design.

The program essentially has two main objectives:

  • strong fundamental general training involving several disciplines;
  • technical training tailored to the needs of the labor market.

After the training, the computer technician will be able to:

  • conceptualise and implement the computer network structure;
  • install and configure switches and routers in inter multiprotocol networks;
  • improve security and network performance;
  • to troubleshoot a local area network;
  • install, configure and verify the proper functioning of physical and logical elements of a workstation and its peripherals;
  • repair of various components of a workstation and its peripherals;
  • to identify, collect and analyze information on user needs for information processing;
  • master the concepts and methods specific to their discipline;
  • write structured manner effective operational programs with various
  • Programming languages;
  • to effectively use the hardware;
  • to use wisely the various data structures;
  • to program applications in environments that use database management systems;
  • to program applications for smart phones;
  • to plan and design a UAV control software and image analysis;
  • use profitably operating systems resources;
  • to put into practice the techniques required to participate in all phases of systems development;
  • become aware of the impact of computerization in the middle as well as security-related implications, confidentiality, protection of copyrights and professional ethics;
  • to properly prepare informational materials, electronic, technical and administrative;
  • communicate effectively with the various people who have to intervene in the
  • different stages of the information system development.

The CEGEP (College of General and Vocational Education) is the first level of higher education in Quebec, the second being university. CEGEPs provide two types of programs: graduate technical programs, which are primarily designed based on the labor market, although they also provide access to university and pre-university programs that prepare students for university. Both programs lead to a college degree (DEC).

All students seeking admission to a member institution of SRACQ must apply for admission before the deadlines for admission for the academic year beginning at the end of August for the session of and fall in mid-January for the winter session.

Last updated Mar 2020

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