Student visa for Ireland

If you are a citizen of the EU or EEA (including Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein), you do not need a student visa in order to study in Ireland. There are a number of other countries that do not require Irish student visas or entry visas.

The citizens of non-EEA nations who come to study in Ireland must be enrolled in a full-time course under the Degree Programme (for Higher Education) or the Language and Non-Degree Programme of Ireland.

There are two types of student visas for Ireland:

  • C study visa - If you wish to study in Ireland for less than 3 months.
  • D study visa - If your course lasts longer than 3 months.

Regardless of whether or not you require a student visa for Ireland, if you are a student from a non-EEA country you must report to an immigration officer upon entry into Ireland to be granted permission to enter. You must do this within the district where you intend to live.

Please note: Ireland is not a member of the Schengen Agreement. You will, therefore, still have to apply for an Irish visa even if you have a visa for a Schengen country.

You must make your visa application online using the AVATS online facility. The online visa application facility is available worldwide and must be used by all applicants.

When you have completed the online application process, you must follow the instructions on the summary application form that is created by the online system. The summary form will contain information on where you are to submit your supporting documentation. The summary form, which you must print, sign and date, must be submitted with your supporting documentation.

You can apply for a study visa up to 3 months before your date of travel to Ireland. You will need to make your student visa application at least a few months before traveling to Ireland.

Bear in mind that an Irish student visa does not automatically allow multiple entries into the country. If you think you will need to leave the country and return during your studies, you will need to apply for a re-entry visa.

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