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11 BA Programs in Art Studies Applied Arts 2024



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BA Programs in Art Studies Applied Arts

A Bachelor of Arts, or BA, is an undergraduate degree that usually requires somewhere between three and four years for completion. Typically, students begin with general courses and then move on to more specialized courses in the latter part of their studies.
What is a BA in Applied Arts? A Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts, also referred to as a BA, helps students to hone their innate creativity and focus it in a functional direction. The professional skills they develop can be in the field of painting, drawing, ceramics, textiles, print making, jewelry, photography or multi-media. Often, students will begin by exploring several of these before choosing their preferred media. The goal is to assist graduates in developing their abilities into skills that are marketable, enabling them to pursue either a self-employed career or to work for a company.
A BA exposes students to the latest concepts in the industry and allows them to create a portfolio that they can use to apply for work. It teaches them the communication skills necessary to make them more marketable than someone without a degree.
The cost of this degree, as with any, depends on where you choose to study and how long a program you opt for. To lower costs, you may want to consider an online course of study.
A BA in Applied Arts prepares students for a number of careers, depending on the particular specialization chosen. Possible positions include designer, illustrator, artist, graphic designer, jewelry maker, illustrator, teacher, photographer or sculptor. Graduates may establish freelance careers, or they may find work with companies including advertising agencies, film and television production companies, event production companies, publishers, newspapers and magazines.
You can find a number of international institutions that offer a BA in Applied Arts online. This is an ideal way of studying for flexibility and reduced expenses. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.