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56 BA Programs in Humanities Studies Linguistics 2024



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BA Programs in Humanities Studies Linguistics

A Bachelor of Arts is a degree awarded to undergraduate students who complete coursework in a science or liberal arts subject. A BA in Linguistics is a popular choice among students with an interest in understanding how languages around the world derive their structure and meaning.

Exactly what is a BA in Linguistics? This degree teaches students to understand and analyze the structure, sound, meaning, use, and development of language. Students learn about the historical progression, grouping, and common elements of the world’s languages. Coursework is comprehensive, covering topics ranging from phonetics, which focuses on sound patterns in speech, to semantics, which focuses on how meaning is derived from words. Some degree programs encourage or require students to study a foreign language of their choice.

Students who earn a BA in Linguistics develop strong skills in research, analysis, and critical thinking. The knowledge of universal linguistic concepts can also enable graduates to more effectively learn other languages, including ones that are not closely related to a graduate’s native tongue.

The cost of earning a BA in Linguistics may be markedly different at each educational institution. Factors that can affect total cost include region, program structure, and time needed to complete the degree coursework. Students should always research potential costs thoroughly before committing to a program.

After earning a BA in Linguistics, graduates may pursue various careers. Many graduates put their linguistic knowledge to use by teaching foreign languages or English as a Second Language, translating, or working in intelligence or international affairs. Students may also become speech therapists or work in the growing field of speech and language technology.

Students interested in pursuing a BA in Linguistics can often choose between conventional in-person programs and online programs. Online coursework can allow students from around the world to complete programs at the institutions of their choosing without relocating and facing associated expenses. Students can learn about and even apply to online degree programs in just a few steps. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.