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BA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Media

The Bachelor of Arts degree is conferred by various institutions around the world following the completion of an undergraduate program of study. There are many fields available to study while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree, which is essential for expanding opportunities for employment in a wide variety of industries.

One of the more sought-after degrees is the Bachelor of Arts in Media. What is a BA in Media? It is a degree program that provides students with specific knowledge relating to media and communication trends, tools and concepts, the role of media and communication, theories, and the practical application of media in the communications industry. Examples in coursework often include advertising, communication theory, corporate communications, crisis management, journalism, marketing, multimedia, New Media, and public relations.

The benefits of pursuing this degree are many. The program provides a wide range of skill sets that lead to opportunities for employment in a number of different industries. Additionally, much of the information can be used to enhance your interpersonal communication skills in a positive manner.

The job market for students who have earned degrees in this field is varied. Opportunities are offered in many different types of industries, many of which are experiencing significant and consistent growth.

Degree programs differ in cost from institution to institution, so it is incumbent upon the prospective student to perform thorough research on the cost of each potential program. While it can vary, a Bachelor of Arts in Media will typically take about three to four years to complete.

There are numerous career options available to students who have completed a degree in media. Examples include positions in PR, publishing, media, management, and advertising.

There are a number of international programs available online providing students with the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Media. Our database is a great place to start looking for the right program, as it is quite comprehensive. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice.