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457 Bachelor Programs in Economic Studies Finance 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Economic Studies Finance

Finance refers to the professional discipline and field of study for the management of personal, business, and public funds. A Bachelor of Finance is a degree in high demand among both public and private sector firms.

A Bachelor of Finance program teaches students the theory and application of financial management, strategy and analysis. A Bachelor of Finance provides students not only with a solid business foundation, but also with the skills and knowledge for critical thinking to make decisions about how best to manage resources and obtain maximum value of those resources. Graduates with a Bachelor of Finance degree can go on to rewarding careers in businesses and organizations doing such work as security analysis, portfolio management, investment, and capital management, among many other options.

If you are looking for a rewarding and secure career, then a Bachelor of Finance may be the degree you are searching for. Scroll through the options below and find the many options for Bachelor of Finance programs!