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1425 Bachelor Programs in Natural Sciences 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Natural Sciences

Bachelor Natural Science programs refer to the sciences that use scientific methods to understand the natural world. Branches of natural science include biology, chemistry, ecology, agriculture, mathematics, astronomy, and physics, among others. Professionals with Bachelor Natural Science degrees have opportunities to work in research, academia, non-profits organizations, private companies, government institutions, engineering firms, conservation, and many other areas.

Aside from coursework, curriculum for Bachelor Natural Science programs also includes laboratory work and work with practical applications in order to simulate real world problems. Additionally, Bachelor Natural Science programs provide knowledge about cross-disciplinary fields, such as chemical physics, biochemistry, geoinformatics, nanoscience, and others, however in-depth study in these areas is usually done on a postgraduate level.

Bachelor Natural Science programs can be challenging and rewarding. If you are considering a Bachelor Natural Science degree, then scroll through the programs below and you may find the degree that you have been searching for!