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Bachelor Programs in Performing Arts

Any student who relates to Shakespeare or has a burning passion for singing, playing instruments, or dancing may benefit from a Bachelor in Performing Arts. A general study of all three areas of the performing arts prepares students for careers in arts and entertainment as well as a higher education.

What is a Bachelor in Performing Arts? This degree often includes a general course of study spanning a combination of dance, music, and drama. While it is possible for students to choose one area to focus on, a Bachelor in Performing Arts is a general degree program that involves work from all performing arts areas. The goal is usually to obtain a comprehensive understanding of each area to better prepare students for a career. As part of the application process, students may be required to perform in one or all three areas in front of faculty.

This type of degree allows students to pursue careers they are passionate about and teach others. With a degree in hand, students can try out for positions and careers in various parts of the entertainment industry or seek a higher degree to become teachers or professors of their art of choice.

The cost of a bachelor’s degree in performing arts varies depending on the school and arts studied. In many cases, students may need to consider setting aside extra funds for private practice sessions, especially for those looking to study music. You will need to closely examine the programs you are considering to decipher the final cost.

There are many different careers that students may pursue after completing a performing arts degree. Such careers may include acting in film, television, or theatre, dance choreography and performance, directing for film or theatre, music composition and performance, talent management, and business work in the entertainment industry.

Many different universities all over the world offer degrees in performing arts. While some courses may be taken online, it is reasonable to expect that some university attendance may be required for practices and performances. As part of the application process you may even be required to perform in person in front of faculty at the school of your choice. To get started on finding the right course for you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.