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61 Bachelor Programs in Vietnam for 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Vietnam

The number of universities and colleges in Vietnam has nearly doubled in the last decade, thanks in part to a dramatic remodeling of the education system in the Southeast Asian country. Several public and private institutions, mostly located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, offer Bachelor programs in Vietnam. Institutions of higher learning are divided into public and private universities, senior colleges, institutes, conservatories, military academies and foreign universities. Bachelor students at foreign universities have the opportunity to network with international faculty and peers, study abroad or seek internship opportunities overseas, further broadening their intercultural scope.

In Vietnam, there are a number of various Bachelor degree programs available at different tertiary education institutions, they may be in one of several disciplines, such as humanities, natural sciences, arts, engineering, law, social sciences or business, or they may be interdisciplinary. Post-secondary school entrance examinations are extremely rigorous and are separated into four subject groups: Group A with an emphasis on Physics, Group B with an emphasis on Biology, Group C with an emphasis on History and Geography and Group D with an mixture of Foreign Language, Literature and Mathematics.

To learn more about how you can apply to enroll in a Bachelor program at an accredited public university or international academy in Vietnam, simply scroll down and read more. You can request information to be sent direct from the school in just minutes!