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81 BSc Programs in Administration Studies 2024



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BSc Programs in Administration Studies

Those interested in earning a secondary education degree are ideal candidates for Bachelor of Science programs in administration studies. These degrees take three to five years to earn and set graduates up for success in their career path of choice or serve as a stepping stone toward further education.

What is a BSc in Administration? An administration studies program focuses on the study of leadership in many different fields, including business, public administration and the political world. Students engage in coursework that includes a wide variety of subjects, such as communication, accounting, finance, public relations and information technology. These types of programs often allow students to specialize in a certain academic area that is of interest to them.

Those who earn a Bachelor of Science degree in administration studies learn skills that serve them well in many different areas. No matter where graduates choose to start their careers, they are armed with a broad range of knowledge that makes them valuable assets in any setting.

The cost of earning an administration degree depends on which school you choose to attend and the country where it is located. Those who want to enroll should first speak with a school’s representative to obtain tuition information.

Graduates of administration programs can be employed in almost any industry. With extensive background knowledge in core administration topics, degree-holders often work in managerial positions for large corporations or public offices. Depending on the area of specialization, graduates may choose to pursue further education in law, IT, finance, business or accounting.

Those interested in pursuing a degree in administration can take advantage of our world-wide database. There are international options for those who would like to earn their degree online. Because it is not always an option for students to attend class in person, online courses provide flexibility and convenience that traditional programs may not. In order to begin your path toward graduation, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.