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Aaniiih Nakoda College


Harlem, USA

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Sep 2023

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The Aaniiih Nakoda Ecology program is designed to prepare graduates to become effective caretakers and stewards of the place they call home – the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation and the surrounding prairies, river bottoms, and island mountain ranges of northcentral Montana. The program employs classroom, laboratory, and field-based instruction and internship placements and undergraduate research experiences to focus student learning on the dynamic web of interconnections between the Aaniinen and Nakoda nations and their ancestral homelands. Embedded in the lifeways, histories, and identities of the Aaniinen and Nakoda, the program offers students a culture-, place- and community-based approach to learning eco-logy (from the Greek words oikos-logos), literally understood as “the way of the home place.”

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