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Al Buraimi University College Bachelor's degree in Business Economics
Al Buraimi University College

Bachelor's degree in Business Economics

Al Buraimi, Oman

4 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

OMR 65,000 / per year *


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The Bachelor's degree awarded by the Business Economics program combines a wide range of technical, analytical and mathematical skills. This degree is ideal for students who have a deep interest in the factors that affect the overall economy in general and the business organization in particular. The primary objective of this program is to produce a graduate with adequate skills and knowledge of business aspects of economics and the functional and applied fields of business. In addition, this program focuses on studying economics, with its two branches, macro and applied microeconomics, with emphasis on corporate and individual enterprise behavior to strengthen the understanding of the business sector in economic terms.

Who is the awarding body for the degree?

Al-Buraimi University College has an academic affiliation with the University of Jordan, whereby students who obtain a bachelor's degree are granted a certificate accredited by the University of Jordan, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in business economics.

What are the contents of the program?

The degree awarded is a mixture of economic and business principles that focus on the macro and micro details of the national economy and international influence. The various aspects of economic principles are explored in relation to the business environment. Through the course presented, students are expected to collect and interpret data, construct economic models, analyze problems, suggest solutions, describe and interpret economic situations. Furthermore, students will also have a glimpse of other business units such as Entrepreneurship, Ventures, Finance, Financial Planning, Business Development, Strategic Management and Investments.

Outputs of the granted qualification

After completing the degree, there are many possible career and career options for students. Transferable skills acquired through materials offered to employers, which makes graduates of business economics able to analyze problems and phenomena, from the perspective of economic and commercial management or explanations of business problems and phenomena based on economic models and theory, evaluate existing and future projects and the ability to promote marketing in a high degree. Applied business-oriented economics with this degree also provides an understanding and application of basic and complex research methods in the field of economics and business.

How long does it take to obtain the academic qualification?

The BA (Hons) degree in Business Economics can be obtained within a period of no less than 4 years.

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