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The aim of the Bachelor's Educational Program in the Acting Art (Drama and Cinema Acting; Drama and Puppet Theatre Acting) is to: Educate the Artists in respect with the principles of Georgian National Theatre School. Mastering the program will enable the students to get in-depth knowledge of the actor's profession and its role as the actors in the visual, particularly state theatre art. The program is oriented to mastering skills and abilities necessary for the profession. It will develop professional skills among the artists as well as the skills for self-actualizing them in practice. The program will support the formation of creative individualism among the students. The program aims to introduce the student's primary genres of stage art and their differentiating features and peculiarities, basic artistic work principles.

The program also aims at mastering the students' essential elements of acting mastery, develop a creative fantasy and fictional imagination among them, to prepare future artists for getting reflected into creating artistic personality and practical realization of one's face.

The program also aims to educate active artists, work individually and in the creative team (in the Theatre, Shooting arena in cinema, and TV staging). The program also pre-considers direct practical-creative artistic courses (Artistic Mastery, Stage Speech, Rhythmic, stage movement, and others) and theoretical courses, which will give the graduates – future artists - a Basic Humanitarian Education. The program aims to prepare highly-qualified staff members in the theatre sphere that meets the country's interests, region, and society. The program also aims at up-bringing modern theatre and cinema professional practising artists, which as the result of the professional and general competencies obtained through mastering the programs, will be oriented on modern demands of the employment market.

Each course of the program and all components will serve to bring up the professional artists, which is in full compliance with Batumi Art State Teaching University's mission.

Learning Outcome:

Knowledge and Acknowledgement:

The graduates will: Have theoretical and practical knowledge of the acting art, general and field competencies of the artist's profession (drama, cinema, and puppet). The graduates will have mastered basic principles for working with the Director, creating stage images, organic performance at the stage/shooting arena, and relationships with partners. The graduates are well aware of the essence of the acting art, fictional-aesthetic and genre peculiarities of the performance/film, the theatre art's role, and its function in public life. The graduates are equipped with the skills for creativity, critical thinking, and analysis. Essential Humanitarian Educational is necessary for future artists.

Skill for applying knowledge into the practice:

The graduates can practically apply the necessary professional skills and creative abilities in modern drama/puppet theatre and cinematography. The graduate can fully reveal his/her creative potential (acting mastery, stage speech, plastics, and musicality). The graduate can understand the role under the staging concept, interpret it, and create a complete stage image. The graduate can organically act at the stage/shooting arena, have a relationship with a partner, creative groups, and staging Director. The graduate can have an emotional influence on the AUDIENCE.

Assumption Skill:

The graduates can collect, define, and systematize the field's data characteristics – To draw justified conclusions—elaborate on the relevant approaches and discuss alternative opportunities. The graduates have the skill for analyzing obtained outcomes and making conclusions. The graduates can evaluate the situation regarding the intellectual, practical, and psychological aspects and correctly define the priorities based on the set objectives.

Communication Skill:

The graduates can have verbal and written communication on the issues related to cinema/theatre art. Given the professional activity, the graduates can communicate with the creative and staging team, field specialists, media, broad audience, adapted and acting in a new environment, enter into a dialogue, and establish professional contact in the speciality field.

Learning Skill:

The graduates are able: To independently define the directions of one's learning process, can assess one's level of professional competence adequately, to apply received knowledge as a factual basis for obtaining field and multidisciplinary knowledge. The graduates have skills for working with various sources, processing, and mastering literature. The graduates plan and implement the process of their learning and growth of the creative process.

Employment Area: After undertaking an Academic Course and being granted a relevant speciality, the graduate will be able to self-actualize: in Drama and Puppet Theatres; Cinematography; TV Plays; Show Programs; Culture Institutions (Culture and Art Centres); Individuals Creative work.

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