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BFSU Solbridge International School of Business

BFSU Solbridge International School of Business

BFSU Solbridge International School of Business



BFSU-SolBridge International School of Business was established in line with a vision to create a truly progressive and highly integrated business education program that combines an international business teaching model with an in-depth understanding of the Chinese economy. The campus, located at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), in the capital of China, provides the perfect setting for such a dynamic program, focusing on Chinese businesses and their evolving relationships with western and other nations. It is run by International Business School (IBS) of BFSU.

BFSU-SolBridge International School of Business offers students a most pertinent and unique combination of subjects, addressing contemporary Chinese business concerns, Chinese culture, Asian values and advanced Western and American business practice and management. Students are encouraged to develop themselves into responsible, ethical business leaders who solve contentious corporate issues with a strong practical and theoretical grounding and cultural sensitivity.

All class instruction and discussions of contemporary business issues are done in English, drawing on the vast knowledge and experience of our international faculty. In addition, an interactive and applied learning model is followed in order to give students valuable practical experience in the corporate world.

The Chinese language forms a part of the curriculum to better help prepare students to understand the local culture and economy and take advantage of rewarding internship and employment opportunities locally and abroad.

Dean’s Message

In keeping with the international vision of Beijing Foreign Studies University, long-held ever since its foundation almost 70 years ago, we have proudly joined forces with the vigorous Solbridge International School of Business at Woosong University, Korea to establish BFSU-SolBridge International School of business, a unique educational offering for students wishing to play a leading role in the imminent global dominance of the Chinese economy.

BFSU-SolBridge is ideally positioned, both geographically and historically, to offer students the ultimate opportunity to immerse themselves in the most promising economy in the world, while at the same time gaining a world-class business education from leaders in the international business community.

China has grown exponentially in recent years with vast currency reserves, record trade and budget surpluses, and foreign direct investments that make it the envy of the world. In order to maintain this vigorous pace of growth, China calls for the brightest young minds to join in its success and transcend boundaries to build careers with boundless international possibilities.

At BFSU-SolBridge, students from all over the world gather together to share their individual culture, language, and customs in an English-speaking environment and advance themselves as global citizens and international business leaders.

I am honored to have the opportunity to lead BFSU-SolBridge International School of Business in these exciting times and endeavor to continue our efforts to develop an innovative, progressive and highly integrated business education environment for responsible future leaders.

Welcome to BFSU-SolBridge!

PENG Long, Ph.D., Professor

President Of Beijing Foreign Studies University


BFSU SolBridge-International School of Business

Beijing Foreign Studies University

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