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Boricua College

Boricua College


Boricua College is a private college in New York City. The college was designed to serve Puerto Ricans and other Hispanics' educational needs and was founded by Victor G. Alicea and several others.

Boricua's instruction system is based on a fundamental humanistic principle of educating the whole person to become a self-motivated, independent, life-long learner, with awareness and commitment to maintaining a healthy symbiotic relationship with their environment.

To develop in students selected clusters of generic cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills and values necessary for understanding the environment's knowledge as manifested in the disciplines of the liberal arts and sciences.

At Boricua College, lecture-discussion courses are an excellent way for college students to master some information. Lecture-discussions about "theoretical studies," however, are only one of five distinct ways in which students are educated and receive academic instruction at the College.

An explanation of each of these modes of instruction and how they are integrated into a singular program of student growth and development follows.

The College's mission and goals are rooted in three institutional identity principles.

The Middle States Commission accredits Boricua College on Higher Education. It is a member of the New York State Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities, the Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities, the College and University Personnel Association, the National Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities, and the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.


  • New York

    Broadway,3755, 10032, New York

    • The Bronx

      Washington Avenue,890, 10451, The Bronx

      • Brooklyn

        Graham Avenue,9, 11206, Brooklyn