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Busan University of Foreign Studies

Busan University of Foreign Studies

Busan University of Foreign Studies


Our mission, based on Christianity and democratic ideology, is to contribute to the development of the nation and human society by fostering creativity and personality of a leader and by studying and lecturing the theory and practice of foreign languages and foreign culture to raise talent who will actively react to the diversified international society.

Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) is a university specializing in producing global manpower who are armed with multidisciplinary and multicultural knowledge, create business opportunities, and lead the 21st century on the globe. In 1997, BUFS has been selected as a state-sponsored university designed to educate globalized & localized experts by the Ministry of Education. We are proud of being the best foreign language educator and research institutions in the local area by providing state of the art facilities and exceptional faculty.


  • Namsan-dong

    Namsan-dong, South Korea