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Campus02 University of Applied Sciences

Campus02 University of Applied Sciences

Campus02 University of Applied Sciences


Welcome to CAMPUS 02 - University of Applied Sciences

We are Forming Tomorrow’s Business World

Our student body is comprised of future academic specialists and management staff for the industry. All our Degree Programs focus on the core areas of entrepreneurial success. The eight Bachelor's and six Master's programs in business and technology are organized timewise to be compatible with full-time employment. Additionally, students can begin an extra-occupational Bachelor's degree program directly after completing secondary school in preparation for embarking on their career early.


Degree Program Portfolio

5 fields of study

  • Automation Technology (extra-occupational for working professionals)
  • Innovation Management (extra-occupational for working professionals)
  • Information Technologies & Business Informatics (cooperative / extra-occupational for working professionals)
  • Financial Accounting & Management Accounting (extra-occupational for working professionals / full-time)
  • Marketing & Sales (extra-occupational for working professionals / full-time)

14 business and technical degree programs

  • 8 Bachelor degree programs
  • 6 Master degree programs

8 academic training courses

  • Controlling and Performance Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Retail Management
  • Restart-Up-Management
  • Software Engineering Leadership
  • Systems Engineering Leadership
  • Service Engineering & Management
  • Enterprise Management


Business degree programs

  • Diploma: 822
  • Bachelor: 1438
  • Master: 626

Technical degree programs

  • Diploma: 449
  • Bachelor: 1185
  • Master: 666

Technical/Business degree programs

  • Master: 277

Grand total

  • 5.463

(Figures as of 11/2020)


  • Business degree programs: 726
  • Technical degree programs: 639
  • Technical/Business degree programs: 76
  • Grand total: 1441

(Figures as of 11/2020)


Full-time employees

142 employees, of which 105,26 are full-time equivalent employees (administration and teaching including temporary personnel).

Part-time lecturers

Approximately 277 (winter semester 2020/2021).

(Figures as of 11/2020)

Women's Tech Power

In addition to supporting regional initiatives and actively participating in different platforms, we are also very concerned to build up a structural proportion of women in our technical degree programs. With a mix of proven methods and new initiatives, CAMPUS 02 aims to increase the current percentage of women in technical degree programs. A full-time degree program that is organized in a work-friendly manner and that is also offered in English supports us in reaching this goal.

    Campus Features

    Campus Life

    CAMPUS 02 offers the best learning environment that you could wish for.

    If you want to be successful in your studies, excellent quality in teaching is not the only prerequisite. A good atmosphere which you feel comfortable in is also key. Our breakout learning spaces, indoor and outdoor recreation islands, modern and up-to-date auditoria equipment and library with specialist literature create just that.

    Modernity meets history at CAMPUS 02. Whilst the villa – a heritage-listed building – could tell stories from long ago, the new building extension reflects its own exciting architectural accent. The perfect setting for your studies.


      Submission of application documents

      International students

      After completing the application test, you have a week’s time to complete your application online in the self-service area.

      The following application documents must be uploaded to the application system, no matter which degree program you are applying for:

      • Passport photo;
      • Passport/certificate of citizenship;
      • Curriculum vitae (CV);
      • Motivational statement;
      • Proof of admission criteria for Bachelor’s/previous studies (e.g. school-leaving certificate and so on — can be submitted at a later date);
      • Proof of admission criteria for Master’s (e.g. Bachelor’s certificate, transcript of records and so on — can be submitted at a later date).

      Depending on the degree program you are required to/can upload further documents.

      What happens next?

      After successful completion of the application test and electronic transmission of all necessary application documents, you will receive an invitation to the personal interview.

      Personal interview

      The last step towards your program is a personal interview with the board of examiners. The interview gives you the chance to prove yourself and your skills face-to-face or virtually.

      The personal interview is an opportunity to get to know you better, to concretize the knowledge gained so far in the application process, and to determine whether further admission criteria are met.

      The interview is conducted by a board of examiners comprised of the Head or a representative of the degree program you applied for, a psychologist, and a staff member of the degree program’s administration.

      The duration of the admission interview can vary between each applicant. Make sure to have time for at least half an hour.

      For more information on the exact procedure of the personal interview, please refer to the invitation email, which will be sent to you promptly after the successful completion of the application test and the first review of your application documents.

      After completion of the application phase, we will inform you about the result of your application process. In case of admission, a study contract ( sample study contract). will be concluded in the course of the enrolment.


      • Graz

        CAMPUS 02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft, Körblergasse 126, 8010, Graz