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Carroll University Bachelor in Business Economics
Carroll University

Bachelor in Business Economics

Waukesha, USA

4 Years


Full time

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USD 36,400 / per year *


* additional fees may apply / on average our international scholarship covers 45-55% of the cost of attendance for fulltime international undergraduate students


Economists focus on how businesses, governments, and other organizations determine the best allocation of limited resources to satisfy people’s wants and needs. They’re analytical thinkers who enjoy digging into the research, gathering data, and studying economic models and theories to predict economic trends, forecast consumer demand, and help solve challenging issues in a global economy.

Business Economics—A Science of Decision Making

Carroll University’s business economics major is unique in that it combines a strong foundation in the functional areas of business with a special emphasis on economics. In our program, you’ll learn how critical factors such as interest rates, inflation, taxes, unemployment, and changing public policy influence economies on both large and small scales, and how to use that knowledge to help businesses and organizations make smart decisions. A degree in business economics prepares you for careers in a variety of areas, including banking, government, international trade, stocks, financial planning, and commodities. It’s also excellent preparation for law school or a future in public policy or politics.

We Offer One of the Few Business Economics Programs in the Nation

In our program, you’ll learn about the behavior of commercial banks and the function of the Federal Reserve System. Courses include a survey of the global economy, with emphasis on international trade theory, finance, and money markets. You’ll be required to think critically and to organize, interpret and apply data to solve complex questions. The curriculum explores areas such as finance, business law, accounting, marketing, and operations management, ensuring you gain a well-rounded depth and breadth of knowledge. Carroll’s Business Economics program also emphasizes computational thinking—using statistical and software tools to develop algorithms and mathematical models.


  • Economics Minor

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