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Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology GmbH

Catalyst - Institute for Creative Arts and Technology GmbH



What Do We Do?

Catalyst – Institute for Creative Arts and Technology is an international creative learning community, based at the iconic Funkhaus in the creative media metropolis of Berlin.

Our undergraduate, postgraduate, and summer short courses span electronic music production and performance, audio production, sound engineering, sound for visual media, filmmaking, screenwriting, visual effects, and acting.

Our students learn in English as part of a community of over 75 nationalities. Through project-based learning and collaboration, and guided by expert tutors, they are empowered to discover their unique creative identity.


Where Do We Come From?

We have been providing world-class creative production training in the UK for 20 years and in Berlin for more than 7 years under our old brand names of dBs Music Berlin and dBs Film Berlin. We have an established reputation for delivering exciting, hands-on, relevant, and engaging education in a relaxed and adult environment.

Our bachelor's degree and master's programs in Berlin are delivered in partnership with Plymouth Marjon University which is our validating institution in the UK. We have consistently excellent ratings for the quality of our educational delivery in all public audits and numerous alumni working across the creative industries.


What Powers Our Learning?

Our belief that 'greatness is grown not born' powers everything we do. We provide you with a learning and self-development process that allows you to build your best self and maximize your own unique greatness.

Our groundbreaking degree programs are built on project-based learning. We use a progressive education model whilst complying with the rigorous requirements of a UK university. Progressive education focuses on building not just your specialist creative skills but also the real-world, everyday skills that will continue to transform your daily life long after you have left Catalyst behind.

We believe that the best learning involves getting your hands on the gear and maximizing the amount of time you spend ‘doing’ Learning through doing and collaboration with others is key to the Catalyst method.

Of course, our students also learn the theory which supports and enriches their doing. But doing is paramount and we think it is part of our duty to provide them with at least some of the ten thousand hours of deliberate practice that Anders Ericsson's research would suggest we all need to become a real expert.

A Diverse Creative Learning Community

When we say that Catalyst is a safe space to dream big, we really mean it. Safe is an overused word these days and consequently, it needs properly defined. At its most simple, this is what we mean. No matter where you come from (creed, culture, gender, skin color), we aim to create a space where you feel free to express yourself as a creative human being.

For starters, we house over 75 different nationalities in our school. This is a truly international community. But there’s always more work to be done. It’s a mountain with no top.

Our team will continue to climb that mountain and build an inclusive community that enriches us all and allows our students to flourish both as creatives and as human beings.

This extends to our admissions process. There is no “ right fit for any of our courses in particular. Our community will be stronger and in a better position to tell stories that reflect the world we’re living in and the future we want to create together.

We welcome individuals of all ages, ethnicities, gender identities, physical abilities, religions, educational backgrounds, geographical locations, and life statuses. Join us and let us know how we can make our community feel like a challenging but safe space for you too.


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