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Centro Universitário Assunção (UNIFAI)

Centro Universitário Assunção (UNIFAI)

Centro Universitário Assunção (UNIFAI)


The Assumption University Center is committed to education, inspired by the evangelical values ​​and the principles of freedom of expression. Prepares future professionals for the exercise of citizenship and qualify them for the labor market.

Teaching in UNIFAI, in communion with the research and service to the community, aims at the qualitative improvement of its graduates, emphasizing the personal development and training for continuous improvement, either through post-graduation courses sensu and apefeiçoamento, whether through study groups.

As a Catholic institution, encourages humanistic education and participatory and dialogue-based teaching practice as a way of better understanding among teachers, students and staff.

The Institutional Development Plan (IDP) from Assumption University Centre meets the requirements of Brazilian educational policy and meets the guidelines of the Social Doctrine of the Church, reserved for Catholic institutions of education.


  • São Paulo

    Rua Afonso Celso, 671 / 711, Vila Mariana - SP, , São Paulo