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Centro Universitário Salesiano de São Paulo (UNISAL)

Centro Universitário Salesiano de São Paulo (UNISAL)

Centro Universitário Salesiano de São Paulo (UNISAL)


The UNISAL is an academic community of teachers, students and administrative staff, which promotes carefully, critical and purposeful development of the human person and the cultural heritage of society through research, teaching, higher and continuing training and various services offered to local communities.

Christian inspiration, the Catholic nature and Salesian identity of UNISAL assume a vision of the world and the human being rooted and in harmony with the Gospel and a reasoned pedagogy on the values ​​of the Preventive System lived by Don Bosco.

This implies, in particular: a commitment to unity and communion with the Church; a decided option for young people; an academic community with a clear Salesian identity; a Christian and Salesian oriented cultural project and educational and pastoral approach.

The integration of knowledge, dialogue between faith and reason, the continual search for truth, ethics training, the spirit of freedom in love, mutual respect and promotion of human rights characterize and enliven the UNISAL as a center of knowledge that gives taste for study and research and promotes the acquisition of true wisdom of life.


  • São Paulo

    Unidades em Americana, Campinas, Lorena e São Paulo, , São Paulo