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Christian University of Applied Sciences Communication bachelor
Christian University of Applied Sciences

Communication bachelor

Ede, Netherlands

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Sep 2023

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Are you the kind of person who doesn't zap away during the commercials? Because you want to know how brands convey a message. Or would you like to develop campaigns, write blogs or organize a cool event? In the HBO Communication course you learn to convey your message in a good and thoughtful way and thus connect people and organization.

During the Communication course at the CHE, you will learn how to get people moving or how to connect them. And conveys a story with the right words and images. Offline and online. Of course you learn that best by doing. That is why you carry out assignments for various companies and organizations from week 1. You will soon discover that communication is a beautiful, but also challenging profession with the necessary dilemmas. Everything can be sold with a slick campaign, but do you want that too? And what about the social responsibility of the brand or organization where you will be working? You regularly think about such questions. In this way you grow into a communication professional who makes self-conscious choices!

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