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Copenhagen Business School BSc in Business, Language and Culture
Copenhagen Business School

BSc in Business, Language and Culture

Copenhagen, Denmark

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When doing business internationally, managers and specialists not only need to be skilled in economics and business administration. They must also understand international and local cultural and business conditions. You will learn about differences and similarities between countries and cultures – and how companies and other organisations can best handle the challenges that such differences create. This could for example be when developing and implementing sustainable business solutions.

Companies need to be sensitive to the cultural context when they enter new markets – or they negotiate and work together across borders in order not to misunderstand each other. Or imagine the challenges of an international company that wants to develop a corporate identity that management and employees can relate to and understand in all its subsidiaries in many different countries. Just how does a company develop the cultural awareness that allows it to make sense of and navigate between partners, authorities and customers in Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Munich, Seattle and Paris? Especially, when working with sustainability and social responsibility, how do companies bring people together around ideals and ideas that may clash with culturally based traditions and perceptions in some countries or markets?

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