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Dalian英领国际学校established in March 2010. It is a bilingual school integrating Chinese and Western international education. The school provides one-stop systematic international education from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 and a multi-channel progression model, providing students with boarding and day courses. select. Pay attention to the all-round development of students and cultivate world talents with international vision. In the 2018 ranking of the top 300 international schools in terms of competitiveness, LinkedIn ranked 31st among the 1028 international schools nationwide in terms of competitiveness for further studies, and ranked first in the Northeast. In the same year, Principal Liu Jian was named the 2018 Most Influential International School Principal's Outstanding Contribution Award for International Education.

The school's purpose and philosophy: to cultivate wild and noble people .

School mission: to help students develop superb and diverse skills, form independent thoughts, and cultivate noble characters to ensure that they have the ability to be happy regardless of life experience in the unpredictable future.

School value goal: to cultivate world citizens with an international perspective for China, and to cultivate national pillars for a better China .

LinkedIn is an A Levels, IGCSE, KS test center officially authorized by the British Edexcel Examination Bureau . The Dalian test center number is 92973. In 2018, it was authorized by the British AQA Examination Bureau to become an examination center: the test center number is 96096. The Shenyang Cooperative Campus has also been officially authorized by the Amity Examination Bureau as an examination center, with the center number being 93751.

Students can take A Levels and IGCSE exams on LinkedIn, and their scores can directly apply to more than 15,000 world-renowned universities in more than 130 countries and regions around the world, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, etc. In high schools, foreign students can also apply to well-known universities in mainland China including Tsinghua University and Peking University.

At present,英领国际学校has about 150 Chinese and foreign faculty members; among them, 50% are foreign teachers, 30% are returned teachers, and 20% are bilingual teachers. The vast majority of teachers are masters and doctors from prestigious overseas schools, with strong teaching staff .


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