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Eurasian Humanitarian Institute (Evrazijskij Gumanitarnyj Institut) Bachelor in Translation Major
Eurasian Humanitarian Institute (Evrazijskij Gumanitarnyj Institut)

Bachelor in Translation Major

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

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Sep 2023

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GOALS OF THE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME: providing conditions for getting substantial, qualitative professional education, professional competence in the field of translation major; providing conditions for acquiring a high general intellectual level of development, mastering correct and fluent speech, the humanitarian culture of thinking and the skills of the scientific organization of labour; formation of general linguistic and pragmatic communicative competence; creating conditions for developing the creative potential, initiative and novelty; formation of competitiveness of the graduates of the speciality on the labour market.

SPHERES OF PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY: administrative-managerial; education and science; culture and inter-cultural communication; international relations; publishing matter; mass media information; informational-analytical.

OBJECTS OF PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY: institutions of culture, international organizations, informational-analytical services, embassies and representatives, ministries, agencies on tourism, publishing houses, bureaus on translation, and other organizations and enterprises. DISCIPLINES OF PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY: Original texts of different genres and styles in various types of translation/interpretation, reference literature, and other sources of information (Internet, electronic dictionaries).

EDUCATIONAL TRAJECTORIES: Guide-interpreter, Translator-referent. SPECIFICITY OF TRAJECTORIES: providing based on interpretation and translation mutual understanding among the representatives of cultures and languages in different spheres of international, sociopolitical, economic, and cultural life; ─ formation of the models of translation/interpretation activity in the course of solving practical translation tasks; ─ implementation of professional activity in different institutions, organizations while conducting international conferences, exhibitions, in the sphere of international tourism; ─ widening of the elective disciplines directed to the study of the practice of translation/interpretation in the field of the needed sciences and directions; ─ implementation of précis-writing and annotation of foreign and national literature in the working languages of a translator.

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