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East-West University

East-West University

East-West University


East-West University has a unique place among institutions of higher learning in Chicago and the region. East-West has one of the highest percentages of international students of any baccalaureate school in the nation.

Our mission is to pursue excellence through relevant, effective, and convenient education—an equal educational opportunity for all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups; Program offerings of liberal arts and sciences and job and career-related professional education geared to modern times' service economy; Service to humankind with a global, multi-cultural, and future-oriented perspective.

East-West University educates students to participate in a global society. A pioneer in diversity, the University opens doors of academic and intellectual opportunity to students of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions. Faculty members engage students in rigorous study and research, and students supplement their classroom experience with experience in professional environments.

The University is established primarily to preserve and extend and integrate and transmit knowledge of human beings concerning themselves, the universe, and their Creator. It strives to develop in its graduates the wisdom derived from human heritage, the spirit of inquiry that leads to discovery, and the sense of dedication that spends itself in humankind's service. It inspires the students to pursue natural and supernatural truths and imbibe the urge to live a fuller and more fruitful life.


  • Chicago

    South Michigan Avenue,816, 60605, Chicago