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East-West University English & Communications, Bachelor of Arts
East-West University

English & Communications, Bachelor of Arts

Chicago, USA

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The English and Communications program at East-West University is varied, flexible, and dynamic. It combines practical communications with the study of literature and culture. English and Communications majors can later work in the entertainment industry, politics, social media, business, law, management, or any other field that requires clear communication skills, understanding other people, and critical thinking.

Students will learn to:

see the possibilities of various genres,

understand how cultures affect Communication, to appreciate the differing values in visions of human existence, to see the world through the eyes of other people, other cultures, and other periods

shape arguments to the needs of different audiences

design and present documents in print and other media.

Students learn to see the design of what they read and to design what they write thoughtfully.

Students who wish to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communications must take 15 classes in their major. The following classes are required:

EN217 Persuasion and Public Issues

EN226 Introduction to Literature

EN301 Advanced Composition

EN440 Persuasion and Debate

The remaining 11 courses can be chosen based on the student’s interest. They can choose classes in Communication, media, public relations, law, writing, literature, and poetry.

English and Communication majors may take up to 14 electives. This makes the education we offer varied and flexible to match students’ diverse interests.

As in all other majors, English and Communications majors are required to take courses in General Education, including the freshman composition sequence and courses in mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, computer information science.

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