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International Business School - Budapest

International Business School - Budapest

International Business School - Budapest


Come to study for a British degree at a truly international business school in the heart of Europe!

We offer 3-year Bachelor's, 1-year Master's degrees, and doctoral programs in Budapest.

The IBS story

From a school that was founded in 1991 as the first private higher education college in Central Europe, International Business School has grown into a truly modern and dynamic business school. We are proud to work in cooperation with a prestigious British university, The University of Buckingham that is rated top for graduate employability and has been leading the British National Student Survey in student satisfaction.

It is an attractive place to learn and teach because of our collaborative culture – a blend of academic rigor, cooperative teamwork, entrepreneurship, diversity, and continuous innovation. The academic experience we offer is providing our students from over 100 countries of the world not only with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree but skills and networking opportunities that bring lifelong competitive advantages.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to be a regionally acknowledged, multiply accredited, multi-country provider of higher education services for a highly international and mobile student body, interested in the frontier areas of business and management.

Our mission is to provide economically and culturally relevant, English-language business and management-related education to people who can benefit from it. We are demand-led and customer-focused. We enhance learning, build confidence and create an opportunity for all who choose to invest in studying at our school.

We value:

  • creativity and innovation in the pursuit of excellence,
  • the potential of every person,
  • the expertise and commitment of our staff,
  • partnership and form strong and enduring collaborations where we can achieve more by working with other than alone,
  • quality and we continually enhance our quality assurance processes.

Why a British degree?

  • British universities are widely recognized for their research and teaching excellence.
  • An independent body, the Quality Assurance Agency is responsible for maintaining the high standards of British university education. A British degree guarantees you a good quality education.
  • 1,000 years of extraordinary academic innovation - currently the UK ranks third in the world for innovation.
  • Three of the ten top universities in the world are in the UK, including the university ranked first in the world.
  • British degrees are important to employers because they have a strong emphasis on gaining practical experience in the relevant field and they equip you with all the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful international business career.
  • The student-centered approach to learning in British education means that you will develop the independence, self-discipline, and analytical skills sought after by employers.
  • English is the language of global business so studying for a British degree enables you to improve your English language skills.
  • Class sizes are generally small enough to ensure that students have access to equipment and enough time to talk to their lecturers.
  • We give considerable importance to increasing students' employability skills. IBS has set up its UpSkill program, which enhances and develops the skills which are most demandable in the job arena and lets our graduates have an advantage over others in job applications.
  • British programs are shorter, saving you time and money. Our Bachelor’s programs are 3-year full-time courses and our Master's programs take 1 year.
  • 38 percent of Nobel prize winners who studied abroad did so for a British degree.

Campus Features

Budapest Campus

IBS campus in Budapest, consisting of three beautifully restored architectural heritage buildings, is located in Graphisoft Park in Óbuda, directly by the Danube, and is an ideal venue for education. The Park hosts over 60 international and Hungarian companies, including Microsoft, SAP, Canon, or Samsung, and provides a live business environment for our school. This enables us to exploit the implied potential in full in the interest of our students and graduates. The campus also includes a residence hall for our students.


    How to apply?

    1. Go to the IBS Application page and click on the ‘Become an Applicant’ button. You will see your login immediately and it will be sent to your email too. Save your login as you will need to sign in from time to time.
    2. Choose your program and intake (you can apply only to one program).
    3. Fill in the form and upload the required documents.
    4. Pay special attention to the ‘Checklist tasks’, you need to do all of them in order to be admitted.
    5. Submit your application.
    6. You will need to pay EUR 100 application fee (non-refundable). Please note that your application becomes valid only after your application fee payment.

    Visa Requirements

    Citizens of non-European countries have to apply personally for a student residence permit at the nearest Hungarian Consulate. After the interview, it usually takes several weeks to get a visa. If the Consulate grants a visa, you will get a type D visa that is valid for a single entry to Hungary and after entering Hungary you have 30 days to go to the Immigration Office in Budapest to receive your residence permit.

    Requirements for a student residence permit to Hungary:

    • official and original school and ID documents,
    • IBS's Visa Support Certificate that certifies student status, accommodation in the Residence Hall, health insurance for the first year of studies and English skills,
    • considerable financial background on your or parents’ bank account (enough for one year’s stay in Budapest including the return travel costs, around EUR 5-6000, coming from a regular income that must be evident from the bank account statements) and if your parents are sponsoring your stay, you have to prove that you are related by presenting their birth certificates,
    • some knowledge about Hungary, IBS, and our programs,
    • health insurance (appr. 260 EUR to be paid upon arrival in IBS),
    • accommodation details (we certify your accommodation in the on-campus Residence Hall address: 1031 Budapest, Reichl Kálmán u. 6., but it is your responsibility to arrange and pay for your accommodation),
    • a language certificate of English skills is an asset for the Consulate.

    The visa process might take between 2-4 weeks, please book your interview in due time. At some Consulates you will have to ask and wait for an appointment for the visa interview, so we suggest you arrange an appointment right after you have paid the tuition fee and registration fee and we will send your Visa Support Certificate by express courier within a few days.

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