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IQS – Universitat Ramon Llull Bachelor in Business Administration and Management
IQS – Universitat Ramon Llull

Bachelor in Business Administration and Management

Barcelona, Spain

4 Years


Full time

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EUR 12,180 / per year



Objectives and Skills

The aim of the Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management, qualification within the framework of the EHEA (European Higher Education Area), is to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to become a competent and honest entrepreneur, executive, or manager.

The course contents will enable you to acquire and understand knowledge relating to different areas relevant to the business world: economics, finance, accounting, management, and marketing, as well as a generous supply of general education, such as oral and written communication, English, ethics and computer science. Furthermore, the degree incorporates the opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to practical situations. The program will facilitate the acquisition of essential skills, such as analysis, synthesis, problem-solving, critical thinking, and the ability to work in a team, among many others.

Learning English is also implied in the curriculum, as several subjects are taught in this language even in the degree offered in Spanish. Additionally, it is possible to complete the Business Administration and Management Undergraduate Program entirely in English; to gain access to this option, students must provide proof of an Advanced Certificate or a minimum of 80 on the TOEFL exam.

Quality and Accreditations

IQS maintains a strong commitment to educational quality and has established several processes to ensure constant improvement; the Quality Commission of IQS School of Management is one such measure.

IQS is an institution accredited by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), the first international accreditation organization for studies in the fields of business and accounting. All undergraduate, Master's, and Doctorate level studies at IQS School of Management enjoy this international accreditation and acknowledgment.

Accreditation by the AACSB of all the studies of the IQS School of Management


On 18 July 2011 IQS School of Management officially applied for affiliation to the AUDIT program, under the extension mode, adopting the SGIC (Internal Quality Control System) manual from IQS School of Engineering, which had been presented to the AQU (University Quality Agency) for approval in AUDIT 2009 and was accepted on 22 April 2010.

On 13 December 2012, IQS School of Engineering received approval from AQU, adopting the SGIC manual from IQS School of Engineering.


Universitat Ramon Llull (URL) and its partner Universities have a long-standing tradition of establishing policies, strategies, and actions ensuring the quality of the degrees it confers, the teaching activity carried out within its institutions, the management of its centers, and the high level of applied research performed within its many academic areas.

Objectives and Competencies

  • The Master's degree qualifies you to assume management tasks and responsibilities in any functional area of the company and to lead the creation of new companies with a scientific and technological basis.
  • The syllabus will complement your knowledge and enable you to design, generate and market new products. You will also be able to improve and optimize the commercialization and production processes and the performance strategies of the company itself.

This Degree Stands Out for:

  • Internships in recognized companies of the sector
  • IQS Job Bank and Professional Careers Service
  • 100% in English

During the master's degree, you will develop a business plan, which ranges from the study of its profitability to its start-up

The Final Master's Degree Project

The objective of the Master's Final Project is to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the course to see that the program's competency objectives have been met through the development of a business plan, from the study of its profitability to its implementation.


Program Outcome

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