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ISAG - European Business School Degree in business administration
ISAG - European Business School

Degree in business administration

Porto, Portugal

3 Years


Full time

02 Aug 2024

Sep 2024

EUR 4,586 / per year *


* Table in force for the 2023/2024 school year


This degree aims to train professionals with a versatile background, capable of starting their own business or performing a wide range of management and management functions in companies and other public and private organizations.

The licensee must know how to use the concepts and techniques applicable to the different functional areas of the company, as well as understand the relationships that exist between them and with the general objectives of the organization. He will have to be able to make decisions under conditions of uncertainty and, in general, to assume managerial tasks. Specifically, they should know how to identify and anticipate opportunities and threats, allocate resources, organize information, select and motivate people, make decisions under ambiguous conditions, achieve defined objectives efficiently and effectively and evaluate the results achieved.



The graduate in Business Management from ISAG should be able to:

  • Identify and develop business initiatives;
  • Manage and administer a company as well as other public and private organizations;
  • Integrate into any functional area of a company or organization of medium or large size;
  • Apply management skills, such as teamwork and people motivation;
  • Solve direction and management problems;
  • Carry out advisory and business consultancy tasks;
  • Use information and communication technologies.


Business Management (administration and management) | Commercial and Marketing Direction | Financial Direction | Accounting and Auditing | Human Resources | Advice and Consultancy in several business areas | Asset Management | International Business Management | Management of Associative Business, Union and Regional Development Structures | Management of Public Organizations | Certified Accountant.

  • This course works during working hours and after work


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