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Kauno Kolegija Bachelor in English for Public Relations
Kauno Kolegija

Bachelor in English for Public Relations

Kaunas, Lithuania

3 Years


Full time

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EUR 2,810 / per year



The aim of the study program is to train specialists who are able to communicate correctly in the professional English language; appropriately use the professional terms of management spheres and public communication; organize and manage internal and external communication of an enterprise in Lithuanian and English; develop and assess information products; broaden and sustain intercultural communication and cooperation; shape the image of an organization in the Lithuanian and foreign languages; apply various strategies of integrated communication; flexibly respond to market changes; and adapt to evolving conditions of the environment.

Distinctive features of a study program

The study program is oriented toward studies of professional English, which provides favorable conditions for becoming a specialist in a particular linguistic area. Students have their internships in different types of companies: media channels; communication and information divisions of the centers providing cultural and social services as well as manufacturing companies.


Program Outcome

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