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Kauno Kolegija Bachelor in Photography
Kauno Kolegija

Bachelor in Photography

Kaunas, Lithuania

3 Years


Full time

01 May 2024

Sep 2024

EUR 4,290 / per year



The study program of Photography aims to promote individual humanistic orientation, aesthetic perception, critical and creative thinking, social activity, freedom of communication and responsibility, develop the professional skills of a photography specialist based on traditional, alternative, and digital photography and innovations of professional activity in the various fields of application of the art of photography, and enhance the abilities necessary for organizing photographer’s activities considering the changes in the environment and perceiving the importance of lifelong learning.

This study program is promising and innovative. It integrates the activities of alternative and digital photography professionals in the fields of Reporting Photography; Commercial Photography; Photography of Architecture, Three–Dimensional Artworks, and Reproduction of works of art. In addition to digital photography, students can study and master the alternative processes of analog photography, such as Cyanotype, Lith Print, and Gum Bichromate. They gain intercultural experience by attending lectures given by lecturers from abroad. Students can go for part–time study and/or practice in Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Sakartvelo, and Turkey.

The study program of Photography graduates will be able to work individually as freelance photographers; set up a company and create jobs in their professional field of activity; work in a team in photo service companies, media, fashion or advertising agencies, galleries, cinematographic or videography studios, museums; set up a photography business; develop and expand creative and project activities.


The wide applicability of photography as a way of conveying visual information and blurring the boundaries between the functions of photography in the world of work implies the need for multidimensional professional training for the photographer. It requires a broader general education (at the levels of cognitive, personal, and social abilities) and a narrower but more in-depth training aimed to develop and deepen the specific professional skills required in a certain field of photography.

The scope of a photographer’s activities – providing photographic services to clients, journalistic photography, advertising photography, video filming – does not cover the whole spectrum of needs since, in today’s world of activity, employers need specialists who can act professionally in the fields of fashion, architecture, the photography, and reproduction of artworks. Students of this study program can adapt to a whole spectrum of needs.

Study subjects: Photography History, History of Cinema and Video Art, History of Lithuanian Art and Architecture, Drawing, Painting, Foreign Language, Reproduction of Two-Dimensional Artworks and Photography of Three-Dimensional Artworks, Communication Psychology, Human Safety, Alternative Processes in Photography, Basics of Photography, Basics of Using Photographic Equipment, Commercial Photography, Theory and Practice of Photojournalism, Preparation of Achievement Portfolio, Visual Communication, Management of Artistic Projects, Creative Writing, Art Research.


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