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Kent State University - College of the Arts

Kent State University - College of the Arts

Kent State University - College of the Arts


The College of the Arts is a vibrant arena of study and professional practice encompassing the visual, performing, and design arts. Our concert halls, theatres, and galleries bring the creative collaboration of students and faculty to the mainstream of campus cultural life. In our facilities, integrated learning experiences and research blend professional practice and academic investigation. Internships and other off-campus experiences enhance career entry.

These varied curricular resources, led by dynamic teachers and scholars, serve some 2,600 student majors in our four schools of Art, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Music, and Theatre and Dance. Nine degree options offer more than 50 individual program concentrations at the baccalaureate through doctoral levels. All students of the University are served through courses that satisfy the Kent Core Courses requirements, various minors in other programs, as well as the elective interests of individuals. More than 100,000 persons attend concerts, plays, and exhibitions of the college annually.

The cultural diversity of our students and faculty, the professional collaborations maintained by our schools and the enlivening environment of a comprehensive teaching and research university invite you to join our more than 15,000 alumni who chose the College of the Arts. We look forward to engaging you in this dynamic experience.

John R. Crawford-Spinelli, Ed.D. Dean


1. Improve career preparation for students (University Priority 1 – Students First)

2. Innovate the curriculum (University Priority 1 – Students First and Priority 2 – A Distinctive Kent State)

3. Improve College of the Arts learning environment based on climate study feedback (University Priority 5 – Organizational Stewardship)

4. Increase student scholarships (University Priority 1 – Students First)

5. Focus marketing efforts for undergraduate and graduate student recruitment (University Priority 2 – A Distinctive Kent State and Priority

4 – Regional Impact)

6. Engage in more focused community engagement (University Priority 4 – Regional Impact)

7. Increase national rankings and international recognition (University Priority 3 – Global Competitiveness)

8. Increase research/creative activity profile and consistently track it (University Priority 2 – A Distinctive Kent State and Priority 3 – Global Competitiveness)

9. Create intentional and strategic College-funded interdisciplinary faculty appointments (University Priority 2 – A Distinctive Kent State and Priority 3 – Global Competitiveness)

10. Increase alumni engagement initiatives (University Priority 4 – Regional Impact and Priority 5 – Organizational Stewardship)


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