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Kyoto Institute Of Technology

Kyoto Institute Of Technology


Kyoto Institute of Technology is an international engineering and design university in Kyoto, Japan. It is important to note that our city’s history and culture are known worldwide and that while Kyoto is the birthplace of the essence of Japanese culture, it is also a center of manufacturing. Kyoto’s “technicians” have a long history of producing and refining many “things.” Traditional craftsmanship is not only passed down from one generation to the next, it has been further honed and refined through the constant creation of new techniques and innovations, gaining credibility both at home and abroad. Kyoto pride as a former miyako (capital) has made this possible. People in this city consistently strive to enrich their lives through social innovation. This is also our mission at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. We apply the Kyoto approach to our engineering research and education, and nurture innovation, calling this, “Kyoto Thinking.”

We are cultivating more than just engineers. Our alumni are highly specialized technicians who graduate with knowledge and skill in science and engineering at a level that enables them to successfully lead a range of projects aimed at resolving global socio-industrial issues. We refer to these people-oriented specialists as “Tech Leaders.” To assure that our graduates meet this high standard, they must master the four competencies of professional skills, leadership, foreign language skills, and cultural identity. In addition, our educational programs reinforce these competencies in all six majors of the undergraduate School of Science and Technology, as well as in the fourteen master’s degree and eight doctoral degree majors of our Graduate School of Science and Technology.


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