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La Salle Campus Barcelona – Universidad Ramon Llull Bachelor's Degree in Digital Business Design and Innovation
La Salle Campus Barcelona – Universidad Ramon Llull

Bachelor's Degree in Digital Business Design and Innovation

Barcelona, Spain

3 Years


Full time

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02 Sep 2024

EUR 16,260 / per year


* the admission process remains open until the program is full


The Degree in Digital Business Design and Innovation is unique in Spain, and has been designed by La Salle Campus Barcelona with the collaboration of the tech company incubator at La Salle Technova, providing a comprehensive experience in entrepreneurship and digital business.

This official, 4-year degree is taught 100% in English and is designed both as an accelerator for each student’s personal projects in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, and as a means to prepare them to be part of a larger project or consolidated start-up.

These are some of the differentiating features of our Degree in Digital Business Design and Innovation:

  • Develop skills such as entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity, which will prepare you to lead the digital transformation of society.
  • Through a practical approach, you will acquire the necessary capabilities to start your own business or to work in the innovation department of another company.
  • Personal Projects with Mentoring & Coaching: in parallel to the academic modules, you’ll be testing your interests through projects outside the classroom. To support you in this project, you’ll have master mentoring sessions with gurus from different fields and mentors who are successful professionals, helping you make your project a reality. You’ll also have access to professional coaching sessions to prepare you to be a Business Leader and manage teams.
  • International Experiences: The degree is taught 100% in English and on campus, our students work in an international environment in multicultural teams with diverse groups made up of students from a range of departments. Study tours to Silicon Valley and Asia, and a global exchange programme where you can go visit the major business hubs of the world, their technology parks and get to know other cultures as you gain inspiration for your project.
  • Access to seed capital: At La Salle we believe in our students. Students experience the realities of putting a business idea into practice, and the opportunity to start a business even while studying. We know, though, that this isn't always easy. At La Salle, we help you to find financing for your project through our Business Angels network.
  • Customize your degree: during the third and fourth year, you will be able to choose your area of focus based on your interests, as well as market trends and needs.
  • Learning by Challenge Methodology: Our studentsget the chance to use our Digital Business Lab to create their ideas and solve the challenges posed by teachers, all while participating in activities in other contexts (workshops, events, visits to inspiring businesses, etc.). We believe the role of the learner is to lead their own learning process by debating, defending their ideas and applying the contents of each course to their various projects.

For the Degree in Digital Business Design and Innovation we’re looking for candidates who possess:

  • Business knowledge: you should have studied business-related subjects at secondary school or equivalent. The Social Baccalaureate in Spain is a good option to make sure you're prepared for this new adventure.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset: you should have a combination of creativity and innovation, and be highly proactive and self-motivated, as well as being able to prove a record of entrepreneurial behaviour in the past. Have you created a website or blog? Do you have a YouTube channel? Is your Instagram account blowing up? We’re looking for people who will make things happen and lead change.
  • Enthusiastic about the world of start-ups: you should be an avid follower of the world of start-ups, leading entrepreneurs and be interested in what’s happening in this fast-moving environment internationally.
  • Creative confidence: you should be able to develop your ideas in uncertain and volatile situations and cope with experimental, highly innovative processes. You need to be able to get out of your comfort zone, in fact, you should love getting out of your comfort zone!
  • Passion for technology: you should have a profound interest in new technologies and how they are transforming the business environment.
  • Digital transformation: you must be curious about how companies are responding to the challenge of digitalisation and how companies can embrace the opportunities it presents.

You will form part of a generation that will lead the next era of digital transformation.

Interesting figures

  • 31% of foreign students at the International Campus
  • 7/10 companies in the world are technological
  • 96 nationalities on Campus

Smart Learning

A new educational model for a new normal.

This new normal requires a new way of teaching and learning, adapted to a changing and uncertain situation that demands flexible, intelligent, and technological learning that adapts to all the students’ new educational needs.

La Salle Campus Barcelona - Ramon Llull University endorses the new Smart Learning model and takes another step in its innovative DNA, affecting all areas of the educational process: the service to the students, international exchanges, remote internships, the telework model applied to internships with companies, the job bank, and research projects.

What is the new Smart Learning model?

State-of-the-art technology has been implemented in the classrooms that will allow students, both national and international, who cannot get to the Campus to attend and participate in classes without being physically in the classroom. The sessions given with on-site students will be broadcast live over the Internet and those who attend virtually will be projected on screens so that teachers and on-site students can see and interact with them. All students, both on-site and those who cannot come to the campus, will form a single group while maintaining the same academic schedule and contact with their classmates and teachers.

With the new Smart Learning model, students will have training which will be:

  • Personalized, because it adapts to the student and their needs or circumstances, regardless of the health scenario.

  • Flexible, because it overcomes the barriers of the online or face-to-face methods with a platform that allows face-to-face, blended, and distance learning.

  • Intelligent, because it is a new way of teaching and learning that combines physical and interactive experiences.

  • Technological, to implement the Smart Learning methodology, classrooms have been transformed into Smart Classrooms, which consist of:
    • Audio system with more than 8,000 virtual microphones per classroom
    • Cameras equipped with artificial intelligence
    • Smart Boards to share content to and from the Smart Classroom, enhancing collaborative work.



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