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London School of Mosaic

London School of Mosaic

London School of Mosaic


London School of Mosaic is an independent art school that teaches a Diploma and BA in Mosaic Studies, the first of its kind in the UK.

The school has over 15 years of experience in teaching mosaic art and specialises only in mosaics.

Wellness and social inclusion are at the heart of what we do and as a charity, our mission is to provide opportunities for well-being and social cohesion through the creation of mosaic art. We work extensively with vulnerable people within the community, including those with special educational needs and troubled juveniles, using mosaic as a tool for therapy.

We strive to ensure that mosaic art is accessible for everyone to enjoy and have over 350 installations in public space and we are proud to have received numerous awards and prizes for the quality and breadth of our work.

We undertake commissions, working closely with our clients to create pieces that surpass their expectations. We have created a variety of mosaics for a vast range of clients; from small portraits for private individuals to large scale mosaics for hotels, councils and railway companies.

Our history

London School of Mosaic was previously known as Southbank Mosaics, a not for profit social enterprise whose aim was to bring together world-class mosaic artists to civilise and decorate the minimalist face of London. Founded by David Tootill, our social mission was and continues to be, to work with vulnerable young people, improving neighbourhoods and transforming the public realm for all to enjoy.

Our awards

We are proud of the awards and grants we have received over the years for our work. Our awards of the last years:


  • Major Grant from the Culture Recovery Fund, Arts Council England.
  • Capital project grant towards the development of Ludham Basement into studios for artists and community businesses, Arts Council England.
  • Awards for All National Lottery funding for the continuation of our family and youth sessions.
  • Barclays Covid-19 grant for the production of digital teaching content.


  • Mayor’s Good Growth Fund final award for the development of Ludham Undercroft into artist studios and community spaces.
  • Arts Council Covid-19 Emergency Funding.
  • Creative Land Trust: Resilience Fund.
  • Waddilove Foundation.
  • Bright Ideas Fund for setting up Gospel Oak Community Benefit Society.


  • The Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust grant to work with young people in trouble with the law.
  • Ageing Better in Camden, grant for senior citizen ceramic sessions (continues through to 2021).
  • City Bridge Trust: Access Audit funding.


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