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Miami University - Ohio Bachelor of Science in Business
Miami University - Ohio

Bachelor of Science in Business

Oxford, USA

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Sep 2024

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What is Business Economics?

Economists study how people make decisions and the consequences of those decisions. For example, what are the key forces at work in the decision to buy a Mac or a PC? What factors determine the production of these goods and how is that production organized? How do these forces interact to determine the prices we pay for computers and the number of computers produced? How would a tax or a subsidy change the prices and quantities? Who gains? Who loses? How do these decisions aggregate to give overall employment and inflation? Economics provides a unified framework to think about choice, its consequences, and the ability of policy makers to change outcomes.

Although our major provides specific skills in certain areas, such as econometrics, the key piece of human capital acquired by our majors is a well-honed and oft-practiced skill of critical thinking, especially with regard to problems that involve data and quantitative methods. As a result, economics majors are in high demand across a variety of employers and graduate schools. Recent placements include Nielsen Consulting, JPMorgan Chase, Abercrombie and Fitch, and for graduate work, Harvard, Duke, and Ohio State. These skills are also rewarded well. In 2009, economics majors earned the fifth highest starting salaries and mid-career earnings (behind four areas of engineering) and scored the second highest of any major on the LSAT exam.

What are the features of Miami’s program?

More than 65% of our students include international study in their Farmer School education.

More than 90% were involved in extracurricular activities.

92% of our students had internships, and for 65% of them, it translated into an offer of a post-graduation full time position.

100% had multiple opportunities to work with actual clients, solving real business issues in case competitions, course projects, and experiential learning.

Our undergraduate accountancy, Master of Accountancy, Master of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain management programs consistently rank in the Top 25 in the country.

Target school for recruitment

Miami has one of the largest college career fairs in the country, with several hundred top organizations vying for our students every year. Within six months of graduation, 98.4% of 2017 FSB graduates seeking full time employment were successfully placed.* Almost half of our graduating seniors received multiple job offers. Our alumni are excellent examples of the quality of the educational experience we provide. More than 2,000 Farmer School alumni are presidents, CEOs, or owners of companies.

*Based on data from FSB Senior Survey, FSB and Miami alumni surveys.

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