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Moda Domani Institute

Moda Domani Institute

Moda Domani Institute


The Moda Domani Institute works as an incubator of passions that develops, beyond essential education, the ability of each student to express their unique personality. The school incorporates the numerous transformations which take place in the business world and related sectors.

Our school allows students to cultivate their passions by gradually acquiring experience, professionalism, and open-mindedness. Our teaching methods encourage students to think outside the box. The worlds of luxury, fashion, and design face new trends, values, cultures, technologies, and means of communication. Our teaching methods expose students to the world and its cultural diversity. The lessons, case studies, and projects enable our students to solidify their understanding of the brand, current trends, what’s in fashion, sociocultural changes, and the forces of supply and demand. The new worlds of luxury, fashion, and design are ripe for new business initiatives, developing innovative business models, and conceiving cultural and artistic projects. We attach great importance to projects and the expression of the initiative.


  • Île-de-France

    Rue Saint-Marc,24, 75002, Île-de-France