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Mongolian University Of Life Sciences Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering
Mongolian University Of Life Sciences

Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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Aug 2024

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Unbeatable value and a mission to help students become ethical global citizens. All on a campus that is friendly, encouraging and helpful!

In this program you specialize in:

  1. Metal study and technology
    • Metal developer and technician and engineering for jewelry factory Designer skill
    • Engineering in mining field
  2. Hydro-mechanical engineering
    • Drill for good building
    • Hydro-mechanical engineering in the grocery factory and mining sector
    • Engineer for Hydroelectric station
    • Engineer of irrigation

General Admission

How to apply:

You must send to the Admissions office the following by email:

  • Application
  • Recommendation letter 2 %
  • Copy of certificate or diploma of the previous school
  • Photocopy 2 %
  • Registration fee
  • Copy of passport
  • Health certificate


  • A 12-year education certificate
  • Advanced Mongolian
  • GPA above 2.8
  • Above 18 years old

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