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National Chin-Yi University of Technology Landscape Architecture
National Chin-Yi University of Technology

Landscape Architecture

Taipei, Taiwan

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Sep 2023

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Since the restructuring of the University of Science and Technology in 1996, the school has been more focused on the reform and innovation of the overall school affairs development, constructing a high-quality learning environment and activating sound administrative support, assisting teachers in pursuing excellent teaching and research, and assisting students to create excellent learning results. The school's goal and vision are: "Cultivate corporate talents with humanities, social care, professional knowledge, international vision, and both skills and ethics, and become a green-oriented high-quality industrial science and technology university." The School of Humanities of the school inherits the school’s development goals and vision. Its educational goals and vision are: "Cultivate outstanding creative talents with humanistic care, practical ability, and international outlook." Therefore, the educational goals of this department are set according to the school and college goals as follows: 1, Cultivate the operational ability of landscape design and planning. 2. Training related practical ability of landscape engineering. 3. Cultivate landscape management skills. 4. Establish digital environment simulation capabilities.

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