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New Vision University Bachelor's in Business and Information Technologies
New Vision University

Bachelor's in Business and Information Technologies

Tbilisi, Georgia

4 Years


Full time

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USD 4,500 *


* with scholarship USD 3375


This is a broad program primarily designed to offer a versatile education in business management and Information Technology. Students can choose from a versatile number of subjects therefore not limiting themselves to one particular concentration, which gives them an opportunity and flexibility to broaden their knowledge and choose a degree. The program intends to teach students to understand the nature and structure of organizations and to contribute both support and leadership in the development of skill sets.


In this program, students will develop skills and confidence so they can be part of the global business/IT environment. They will be taught how to be innovative, and they will gain new insights into current business/IT issues. Students will develop competencies that will prepare them for responsible managerial/technical roles within a variety of organizational/entrepreneurial settings. Students will build professional competence in the area of Business and Business Administration and gain knowledge and practical skills in leadership, management, finance/accounting, marketing, and business communications.


Alternatively, students will acquire knowledge for developing new IT-based solutions and improve the existing ones using programming technologies and relational database management systems. The graduates will be competent in the construction of mathematical models and numerical realization of respective computational algorithms.
The present new state-of-the-art program, for the modern market, allows unlimited freedom to choose/change major (BBA or BI), minor, or shift respective combination to elective courses in different areas even after accomplishing 6th semester.


The thorough basis of core courses provides students with a solid background in diverse areas of business/management, social science, communication, and technical fields broadening their understanding of given areas and their sub-fields. The core courses (coded BIT) are offered along the program and enable students to shape and apply their knowledge and skills (theoretical and practical), for future successful employment in various organizations or entrepreneurial activities. Core courses are offered only to develop competencies needed in both business and IT fields.


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