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Northwest Indian College BS in Native Environmental Science
Northwest Indian College

BS in Native Environmental Science

Bellingham, USA

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Sep 2023

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Welcome to the Native Environmental Science Program! We are pleased to offer one of the only Bachelor of Science in Native Environmental Science programs globally. Our cutting-edge program is designed to support students in becoming leaders in their fields and their communities. Our curriculum is place-based, experiential, and culturally-grounded. That is, we draw on the deep and sustained connections to place and commitment to environmental protection to guide our programming. Our students excel in understanding the changing world around them by working within Indigenous Knowledge Systems and utilizing cutting-edge scientific methods, technology, and tools.

Many of our students enter graduate school to continue their education, and many others return to their tribes to work in Natural Resources or Planning Departments. We have a strong emphasis on marine sciences, plants and ethnobotany, environmental health and wellness, and tribal environmental governance and policy. Our faculty and students are engaged in research aligned with and supportive of the Indigenous communities we serve. We offer excellent courses based on student-centered pedagogy. With an impressive student-faculty ratio, ranging from 4-25 students per class, we offer individual attention and high-quality education.

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